Partner with us for Peru

Here are some details on my Peru trip this month with Doug Roberts. We’ve already raised $750 of the $2000 needed!


Laurie and the girls will spend time in Dallas while I fly to Lima, Peru for ten days of teaching, translating, leading worship, and being with our Peruvian brothers and sisters. We’ll meet up with Lee, a missionary who resides in Arequipa, Peru with his family. Here’s part of a note Lee sent me about what he’s expecting for our time:Lindorf and I playing small instruments

“In Lima we will be ministering primarily to two brothers, both pastors, who are working out their callings in different ways. Lindorf is the older of the two, and though he has ministered within traditional Christian organizations for years, more recently the Lord has sent him into the local government where he serves as a, you might say, municipal pastor. Lindorf is an agent for the kingdom of God and instrument of justice; given to putting things right in his community by the grace and favor of the Lord. His younger brother, Yosvin, has discipled many young people and couples in living an integrated life under Jesus. He and his wife, Julie, regularly have people into their home for counseling, encouragement, and prayer.

With the pastors from Chincha “We are praying that during this time a sense of spiritual unity, recognition of Christ as Head, and an apostolic order would abound and become cemented in the hearts of these two men whom the Lord has called as gifts to His Church in Lima. Also, we will be spending a couple of days encouraging pastors in the town of Chincha Alta, about three hours south of Lima, where the earthquake hit just over two years ago.”

Some of you will remember that the song “Trouble Won’t Go” was written partially with the Peruvians in mind after the earthquake, and that our Spanish version of the song became quite an anthem for them. I can’t wait to visit them again.


P1012408Many of you know the journey I’ve been on to live out my calling to love the least of these and my special affinity for Latin Americans. In an effort to be brief though, I’ll post a separate writing here with some reflections on Job 29 and what helping the poor means to me, and how that’s changed in the past years. For now I’ll just say that I’ve come to believe that the best thing I can do is to help lay the foundation in them of God’s favor in Jesus so that they can break orphan and poverty mentalities and rise up to become agents that change their own world, like Lindorf.

With this important foundation, there are many simple things we can do to help our brothers and sisters in South America, and I know many of you have been asking the Father what your part in it is.

P1012298I’m celebrating that a high quality guitar was donated for the trip. I will use it to lead worship, and then I will leave it in the hands of a budding worship leader or songwriter. As a musician, I know what an incredible blessing and inspiration a quality instrument can be and what a distraction a poor one can be. I can’t wait to put it in the hands of someone who will wear it out for God’s glory.


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Will you partner financially with us for this trip? Please keep in mind the specific financial need of $2000, of which $750 has already been donated. Thanks for praying and giving as you feel led.

As always, gifts are tax deductible. Use the button above or this link to visit our donation page, where you can process a donation by card or paypal. There is also information there on how to give by mailing a check. If you like, you may earmark your giving “Peru trip budget” by making a comment on your transaction or check.

October 14, 2009