Good Song Sunday–Spirit of Heaven

In continuing to move over here, we thought it would be a good month to repost a Good Song Sunday that only showed up over there. “Spirit of Heaven.” A perfect choice for today and for this month. Here’s what Laurie had to say about it in the original post:

This morning I want to celebrate the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit. I love how he talks to me. I love how he helps me see others according to the spirit and not the flesh. I love how he gives me tools to love others with. I love how he gives me good eyes to see the eternal with. Without him I would be blind. I want him around me all the time, so that’s why the song today is Spirit of Heaven.

Spirit of Heaven

Come now, fill this place
Cover me with your grace
Spirit of God, Spirit of Heaven

You release me
You redeem me
You restore my soul
You have bought me
You have brought me into you

By Timothy Floyd Thornton and Laura Elizabeth Thornton
CCLI song #5316557
Bricklayer Music Publishing(ASCAP)/Music Guru Publishing(ASCAP)

© Bricklayer Music Publishing 2006. All rights reserved.

March 6, 2011