Baby Time, and Related Thoughts

Our travel schedule is winding down and we are preparing for our new little boy–who should be joining his two sisters sometime in the next week or so–and our hearts are full of joy. As is normal for us during new baby season, we’ll be taking some time off to adjust to having a new baby in the house and bond together as a family of FIVE!

I have been increasingly introspective over the last couple weeks, which is normal I guess considering the huge life change we are preparing for, and much of what I’ve been feeling in my heart is thankfulness. Thankfulness for our children, for my husband, for the blessing of getting to join in the Father’s work of reconciling people to each other and to Jesus, and thankfulness for our partners, who pray for us regularly and support us financially so that we can be available for that work.

So I thought we’d take a few posts throughout these next couple months of new baby introspection and share with you what the Father has shown us about the past year and our upcoming season, celebrate our partners, and tell you how to become one.

If there is something mentioned in these posts that you’d like to hear more about, let us know. That thing could be our next post!

March 24, 2011