“The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman used in making bread. Even though she put only a little yeast in three measures of flour, it permeated every part of the dough.” (Matthew 13:33 NLT)

Not even 2 teaspoons will raise three cups of flour into bread. The yeast is a nearly insignificant ingredient, proportionally.

The kingdom is like that. At the moment, in the minds of most Christians you and I know the kingdom is almost ignorable. We think of it as a byproduct of church meetings, worship music, institutions and organizations, missions and programs. As if engaging Christian culture will automatically give you the kingdom of God.

Instead, the kingdom is the essence that makes these things palatable. It is their alignment to the way of the king that makes them nourishing and therefore worth consuming.

In the end, there is no yeast or flour, only bread. Just like we can’t conceive of bread without yeast (I know you can imagine crackers, but not bread without yeast), the time is near when we will not be able to conceive of anything to do with church life without kingdom.

June 16, 2011