Eight Days of Back to Basics: 5. Being In Christ

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Tim nodded, “So we’re talking about two natures here, spirit and flesh, at war inside us. And to be in Christ—or to walk according to the Spirit—requires the Holy Spirit because the things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned. I’m referring back to that passage in I Corinthians from our last discussion, and to Romans 8:1 which says, ‘There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.’”

“Being in Christ is a process,” Doug explained. “As you believe in Christ and as you walk in faith, your mind is being transnewed and you are taking on the new image of who you are in Christ. And as you take on that image of being in Christ, then your life is no longer your own. It is in Him that you live and move and have your being, and it is no longer you but Christ in you working though you. You have become one in Christ.”

Ben admirably waited for Doug to finish making his point, but couldn’t contain his laughter any longer. “I think you just invented a new word, Doug!”

His voice became official, as if reading from a dictionary: “Transnewed: being both transformed and renewed.”

Everyone laughed. Ben, not having missed the truth in what Doug was saying, continued, “The more you trust in Christ and the more intimate you become with Him, the more you understand His work and His heart for you. I see myself being moved into an arena where I’ve realized my entire atmosphere—the entire surrounding of my journey—has changed. My perspective is being changed. I am in Christ. I’m really in Him.”

“You are now looking through the eyes of Christ as God sees and loves the world,” said Doug. “Then some things become clearer, like the Scripture that says that God is not counting our trespasses against us but that He has given us a ministry of reconciliation that we might reconcile men to the Father.

“The natural man only looks at the downfall or the temporal things that he can see. What God has called us to now that we are in Christ is to call forth people’s destiny and to know them according to the true identity of who they are in Christ. A lot of times people don’t even understand what their purpose or their destiny is. That question is asked all the time: ‘What am I supposed to do?’ Part of being fathers in the Lord and men and fathers of faith is calling people into their destiny, and the only way to find that destiny is to encourage them to come into an understanding that their life is in Christ. Because their destiny is in Christ. It is not in what they do. It is not in what they don’t do. It is not in performance. It is in Christ alone.”

For eight days I’m posting excerpts from each of the eight chapters in Back to Basics: Eight Foundations for Kingdom Living, the book I co-authored with Doug Roberts and Ben Pasley.

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December 5, 2011