Don’t Sell Me the Well

Whatever you want to give away–love, mercy, help, dignity, health–learn to receive it for yourself. Receive it until you overflow with it. You cannot give away what you don’t have.

You can try–at least for a while. And religion will back you up by feeding you the humble-sounding script of “I’m just broken but God uses me.” Well, you may be broken and God may be using you, but to repeatedly maneuver away from the vulnerability of receiving is nothing if not prideful.

Laurie pointed out to me that in Isaiah 61 there is an order to things. You are restored, then you restore.

What if God sees you less like a broken tool and more like an overflowing vessel? What if the love and grace and goodness he pours into you is actually for you on its way to being for others?

For one thing it’s a lot more convincing to the others. Don’t sell me the well if you’re not drinking from it.

February 27, 2013