The Art of Being Visible

Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them… 1 Peter 5:2

Just as we imagine a shepherd up on a hill looking over his flock of sheep to care for them, we understand that the shepherds God gives us have a different vantage point on our spiritual journey than we do–that’s why God sends them to us.

So the amount we will receive of what God has for us though pastoral relationship depends not only on our pastors’ ability to see but also on our own ability to be visible. This might seem obvious but it is more challenging than it may appear, especially when you consider that most of us spend our lives honing the opposite skill: the ability to hide.

Sometimes my kids get a bruise or scrape that hurts badly and they clutch it tight and scream. I have to talk them into calming down and opening their little hand so I can see and help.

Most of us clutch the hurt and stay quiet.

How could you practice the art of being visible at this stage in your journey?

June 27, 2013