Afraid of Fear

Do not be afraid of sudden fear….

Experiencing sudden fear is not the same as being afraid.

No, being afraid happens one step later if we react to fear on its own terms. Fear comes. And we choose whether to be afraid of it, or we choose something higher.

For the Lord will be your confidence. -Proverbs 3:25-26

This is beautiful. In my life when sudden fear has come, I have often looked for help in the finite. I hoped to acquire (and asked God for) some logical reasons and emotional resources by which I could become confident. It has seldom worked.

Evidently the Lord doesn’t want to give us confidence in something finite, he wants to give us himself. He wants to be our confidence. If the Lord is my confidence, my help is infinite.

Fear finds the environment of worship highly unfavorable.

August 14, 2013