An Invitation Before the Election

Last week I invited our church to join other believers across the country in a rhythm of praying and fasting leading up toward the election on November 8.

It’s of extreme importance that we engage in this process as the Church, to establish God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, to bring justice, peace, and righteousness to our country through Jesus, “for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses” (2 Cor 10:4)!

That’s important. Our battle here is not against flesh and blood and neither are the weapons of our warfare.

I believe we are entering into the greatest season the Church has ever known–an awakening into a destiny for the family of God that has been in the heart of God since before the foundation of the earth. It is an exciting time to be alive–don’t let the enemy (or the news) steal your joy!

Here are four encouragements about how to pray that will also increase your discernment and confidence when Election Day rolls around.

First, stand in faith.

Remember, God has a plan and it’s one of life, love, peace, joy, unity. It is not one of destruction, violence and division. He has reconciled the world to himself through the death and resurrection of Jesus, and we get the amazing adventure of getting to partner with him to see that reconciliation actualized and lived into on the earth. He has put you on this earth to rule and to reign as a people of God, to live holy lives and to live out the destiny he has called you to in the power of the Holy Spirit–to expand the family of God through sharing the Gospel and to disciple people into a life of faith and obedience, resulting in transformed neighborhoods, businesses, cities, states, and nations. Don’t believe the narrative of darkness–believe the narrative of life.

This is where our faith is, and this is the faith that will be your shield as you combat the many lies, accusations, twisting of words, and manipulations that are being flung all around us as we near the election. All things must agree with the truth of God to get past that shield.

Second, pray that God’s choice would get into office.

God is clear through the bible that he chooses leaders to accomplish his purposes at the proper time (and it’s not always the ones we’d expect!). He’s also clear that people are free to choose differently than his preference and that even then, his purposes will be accomplished, although perhaps down a much more difficult path. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to stick with his choice from the get-go.

So, let’s renounce all fear and submit to God’s way, whether or not we personally like or understand it. I might not trust any candidate but I trust God!! Pray like Jesus did, that God’s will be done and that your will conforms to his. Pray that his choice would be elected by the people. I believe that as you pray in this way and you submit your will to his, you will have a lot more confidence in the voting booth.

Third, vote for the candidate that will openly make the most room for the Church to be the Church and for Jesus to be Jesus.

Any work that doesn’t put Jesus front and center is a dead work. No matter how helpful they might seem or how much justice or reform they might try to bring, these works supplant the necessity of life and provision in Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit with something the world can offer apart from God. You know what that amounts to, right? Idolatry. We don’t want that. God doesn’t bless idols, he destroys them.

Not only that, justice and peace and reconciliation apart from the justice and peace and reconciliation of Jesus is a fake. It’s false. It’s a deception and it will only cause further destruction. The ONLY way to true peace, true joy, true liberty, true reconciliation, true justice, true equality, (I could go on and on) is through Jesus himself. And who brings Jesus? WE DO. The Church. I’m not talking about our bricks and mortar–I’m talking about the people inside it. I’m talking about an awakened, kingdom-oriented people who carry around the risen life of Christ in their bodies, who are moving forward in unity into all areas of cultural, societal, and national influence bringing innovation and heaven-birthed ideas with them.

So as you pray, ask the Father which candidate (along with his/her vp, platform and, most importantly, judicial nominees) will make room for the Church to be the Church openly and who will allow Jesus to breathe life into our nation. Like I said, I believe that the Church is awakening and coming into her greatest season yet. I’m voting for her to get to do that with freedom.

Lastly, enjoy the freedom we have in America to each vote according to our faith.

If you and your friends are voting differently than each other, well, that is the joy of living in our amazing country. Enjoy it! Enjoy the diversity of thought and the healthy exchange of ideas. Do not announce that people who vote for a different candidate than you will not be welcome in your house. Do not shame anyone, but trust the Lord.

Will you join us in praying and fasting for our country?

October 3, 2016