Our new album and song story videos are self-titled and reflections of our journey into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The worship in this album is what has sprung up out of our hearts as a response to that intimacy. It’s an album that takes its time, while still offering the great swirls of strings, mandolins and vocal harmonies that listeners have come to expect. Our life-long friend Dave Wilton engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered this project for us.


We have a long history of playing music together, from big festivals and theaters to small bluegrass jams in local trailer parks. In fact, we first met while playing in the Boulder-based band, Newcomers Home, with friends Katie Herzig and Andrew Jed. After several years of touring, three studio albums and one live album, we decided to leave the band in order to pursue our calling into full-time vocational ministry. Music being a natural language for us, we embraced being arts missionaries and released our first two albums, The Bluing of the Sky (a warm and pristine “songwriter” album with rich hymn arrangements) and Reckless (a more experimental effort embracing clamor and tension musically with its heart of worship expressed through deeply personal songs) under our folk band name and the name of our nonprofit, The Blackthorn Project.

More recently, we continue to enjoy music as an avenue for ministry, partnership, and fun, and in addition to releasing our own new music, we have been honored to contribute to several albums of friends and comrades that we love and support. Most notably, we were featured on Enter the Worship Circle: Fourth Circle, with some of our best friends in the world: Karla Adolphe, Aaron Strumpel, Caleb Friesen, and Ben & Robin Pasley. Our mandolins and fiddles can be heard weaving melodies through Aaron’s recent albums “Elephants” and “Birds,” as well albums from our friends Kate Hurley and Trace Bundy. We were also honored to add string parts and mandolin to the highly acclaimed Love and War and the Sea in Between by our friend Josh Garrels. How wonderful to be surrounded by so much creativity and partnership!



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